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Why do we fall Irish Dance Edition:

Actually perfect

so motivational

But guys, every World Champion crowned so far has never won before… YEAR OF THE UNDERDOG? I THINK SO!

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Being an Irish Dancer on St. Patrick’s Day



How I enter the bar/parade/nursing home:


The response, everytime:


It’s that time of year again!!


i don’t dress for you i don’t wear my hair this way for you i don’t shave my legs for you i don’t put on makeup for you NONE of this is for you. it’s all for ME to make ME feel good. to make me feel comfortable in my own skin. so fuck u if you’re so arrogant to think that i’d do all this just to please a weak stupid man

I still cry every time I see someone’s reaction to winning the worlds. #irishdancerproblems

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